“The Hit” – Review

"The Hit" - Review


Prepare to be introduced to a whole new genre of comedy! Well, not really, but that’s what the press release says. Director Jason White refers to the seven-minute short film “The Hit” as a cromage noir, which sounds somehow delicious but is really a portmanteau of crime, comedy, romance, fromage (cheese) and, well, noir. Hilary Barraford plays a female assassin, apparently one of the best in the business, a master of disguise and a real professional, who lives by a code pretty much for the sake of it, but finds herself falling in love with her mark.

What follows is a gleefully silly screwball comedy, with exaggerated old-school special effects and a lot of things thrown in just for the sheer heck of it. The picture may not meet all tastes – the comedy is very broad, and just plain goofy, and the visuals range from throwback-tacular to just tacky – but in an entertainment-starved 2020 it offers brief, but pleasant, entertainment.

The trailer for “The Hit” can be watched below.

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